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Company Policy

Quality Policy

  • Our Company Policy; Peaceful, Safe Environment and Happy customers.
  • QUALITY-SERVICE that could meet and exceed customer expectations and needs under constantly changing and developing conditions of our age is possible with cost-effective pricing structure
  • Our objective is to achive CUSTOMER SATISFACTION by improving HUMAN skills, which is the main ingredient of the security service, to our quality standards through planned and scheduled TRAINING and INSPECTION activities
  • To be a LEADER in our sector, our basic principle is to apply ISO-9001: 2015 Quality Management System coupling with modern management approach where the system is prevalent instead of the individual. 

 What We Do to Increase The Quality

  • Job / Orientation educations,
  • Periodical Project managers meetings in head Office,
  • Inspiring the spirit of teamwork,
  • Performance assessments,
  • To force the H/R until having a suitable team,
  • To get ready as real-time Inspection, follow up and software (ALGORIZMA) of the control system,
  • Carrying out in a correct way of Penalty and award system,

Our Quality Commitments

  • All the services are done according to the “ Private Security Law” which is numbered 5188 and we take care of human and environmental health.
  • Our company serves according to law to numbered 4857 “ Job ” and numbered 6331 “ Occupational Health and Safety “.
  • There is no debt to revenue administration and Social Security Institutions ( SGK ) as of today.
  • Our service keeps going on according to the customer’s needs 7 days 24 hours non-stop.
  • Customers’ complaints and demands are answered on the same day and solved.
  • For every Project risk analysis and assessment are done in certain periods and security plans updated.
  • In our projects, it is possible to have added value with ALGORİZMA( process follow up, control and inspection system )
  • To control the responsibility fields,  “ patrol control system with barcode” is used.
  • Our radio infrastructure does not need to be installed in a role, it is a comprehensive GPRS, 3G, 4G and WIFI network In addition to instant voice communication with traditional radio function over messaging, video and photo uploading, live video sharing, integrated operator console offers advanced features.
  • We control the beginning and leaving time of our personnel and also timekeeping with “ personnel follow up control system “ from our headquarters.
  • Training for Project Officers and Security Personnel – Inspection Department and Professional Planned training are given by experts.
  • Personnel reliability is ensured through criminal record and archive research.
  • Employees are provided with standard clothing approved by the General Directorate of Security affairs equipment is used.
  • Training and guidance services to all our staff with our full-time specialist psychologists It is given.


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